Published On: Sat, Mar 12th, 2016

A smartphone app may assist in stopping heart attack

Doctor holding heart

Doctor holding heart

A smartphone app has developed by a cardiologist at Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket, Delhi which can assist people to identify the warning symbols of a heart attack ahead and get remedial action.

Rajeev Rathi, who is a senior interventional cardiologist, has developed the “Heart App” and he has a small set of inquiries with numerous choices. These are the inquiries that a cardiologist would inquire in a case of supposed heart disease.

A patient in any sort of chest uneasiness, restlessness or breathlessness can endure these inquiries choosing the choices applicable to him/her.

Getting into account all the reactions, the heart app gets to an ending whether the indicators go in by the patient fall into elevated peril for heart disease, a formal declaration stated.

Additionally to the survey, the app has reading stuff regarding heart attacks, their warning symbols, and dealing in an easy and brief way which the consumers can rapidly endure and if needed, pass on to in their time of requirement.

A lot of time there is warning indicators still some days prior to the onset of heart attack, which if dealt could still avoid a full blown attack.

Unluckily, the common populace remains mostly uninformed of these signs and incapable to identify the warning symptoms.

Rathi further stated that “I have seen innumerable cases where the patient has ignored his symptoms for days and by the time he reaches hospital, the damage is too substantial and irreversible,”

He added as “Had he realized the gravity of his symptoms and sought medical attention earlier such an outcome could have been avoided,”

He told that it is the reason that drove him to discover a way to avoid people from ignoring the warning symptoms.

Rathi noted that “An experienced doctor always asks some pertinent questions even to a seemingly ordinary patient suffering from acidity to rule out a heart disease but a common man does not know how to do that. This gave birth to the idea of the heart app,”

He continued as, “I wanted this power of the doctor to be able to sift through normal and find abnormal to reach the masses. This is how the heart app came to be and that is why it is free,”

The survey contrasting the findings of the app with those of doctors, Rathi discovered the app findings to be in sync with those of doctors.

Rathi warned that “The Heart App is just an aid; it can never replace the clinical judgment of a doctor. Its main purpose is to educate the society, prevent people from unwittingly ignoring serious symptoms and seek timely medical attention thus saving their and their loved ones’ lives,”

Any smartphone consumer can download the app for free from Google.

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