Published On: Thu, Jun 9th, 2016

Some issues with Noor Bukhari as an actor


Sangeeta, eminent Pakistani film-maker proclaimed the making of new movie Ishq Positive in which she casts Noor Bukhari and Wali Hamid, she was obstinate in the argue that the movie will alter the game for Pakistani cinema’s fading Lahore episode.

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Though, numerous months after, much has altered for the movie itself. What can, in fact, be stated for Ishq Positive is that the movie confronted hard luck immediately from the get-go. Pursuing manifold holdups in shooting, directing arguments and rumors of a supposed matter of Noor and Wali, work on the movie lastly started and Sangeeta dealt with some media conferences to tell that all is well. Consequently, pursuing her argument with the makers, the Lollywood experienced parted ways from the venture and its straps were given to Noor.

Noor Bukhari

Noor herself has missed optimism and is apparently designing on giving up and departing for abroad. She said in an interview that “It is true that there are some issues with me as an actor. I have failed as an actor. Also, some private TV channels are not clearing my dues and it is disheartening now,”

She is still hopeful that Ishq Positive will witness the brightness of the day. She replied on the inquiry for leaving Pakistan “I will take my final decision after completing Ishq Positive. The movie is still in its post-production phase,”

The shooting of the movie started more than 12 months before. Later than Sangeeta, no one was keen to take charge and it wasn’t until Noor made a decision to wheel it, that shooting started once more in the charming north of Pakistan.

A cast member stated about Noor’s professional hindrances and told that “Noor was also a part of Syed Noor’s Bhai Log. That film too has been in crisis for the last five years and I doubt it will release anytime soon.” The artist told that Noor has been working for diverse TV channels to maintain the stove burning, but has not been rewarded her dues. “Yes, money is the primary issue. She is left with no option,”

The cast of the film includes Noor and Hamid, and also further actors like Faria Bukhari, Durdana Butt, Iftikhar Thakur and Saud Qasmi.


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