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Something You Don’t Know About Deepika Padukone


First of all the main and Important thing which should everyone know about every Actor/Actress And Which is DOB.
And Now we tell you about Deepika’s DOB and that is 5 Januray 1986 and She is the Daughter of The Greatest International Badminton Player ‘Prakash Padukone’ who Won “ALL ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP” in 1980 and He was The first Indian Who do this as an internaionally.


And The Most Interesting Thing is , Deepika Who Looks Typical Indian Girl is Not an Indian and Not belong to Indian Blood.
Actually She Was Borned in ‘Copenhagen’ Which is the Capital and Most Populated City Of ‘Denmark’. But later on They Shifted to ‘Banglore’ Which is Located in India and When They Got Shift Then ‘Deepika’ Was Just 6 Years Old.
One of the Most Interesting Thing About ‘Deepika’ is , She is the One of The Highest Paid Model/Actress.
Now a days She Charge 66 million For a Single Movie and She Has a Alot of Worth About Money.
Inshort , She Is One of the Richest Women or You can Say her One of the Richest Actress Of Indian Film Industry.
‘Deepika’ Is also a Badminton Freak Just Because Her Father Was A champion and She Took Her father As an Inspiration and also Wanted to be a International Champion and She played on a National Level Badminton As well But later on SHe Walk into Fashion Model and Showbiz.

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Interesting Thing is That , Many of the people Thought that Her First Movie Was ‘OM SHANTI OM’ Which Was She Made With “SRK” in 2007 but its not the Right Answer.Although She Won “Filmfare Award For Best Female Debut”.
In 2006 She Made her Debut and done a Titular Character In “kannada film Aishwarya”.
Side By Side Acting , ‘Padukone’ Also Had Participated In Stage Shows and As Well As She use To Wrote Columns in Newspapers and Her Focus was on mostly About ‘Feminism’ and ‘Depression’.

Her Father ‘Prakash’ Has A International Repute and Her Mother ‘Ujalla’ , She Was An Travel Agent , And She Also Have A Sister who is a Golfer , Means of Saying this , She Is a Golf Freak and Good player As Well like ‘Deepika’ Is A Badminton Freak.
Actually We can Easily Say Her Family “BADMINTON FAMILY” Just Joking ,


But the Reason Behind this Joke Is , Her GrandFather ‘Ramesh’ Who Was a Secretary of the ‘Badminton’ Association.

Her Film Industry Career Started in A Very Interesting Way , Just because She Was Badminton Freak , that’s why She wasn’t Too social and don’t Have much Friends But Some Of Her relatives Suggest her to Become a Model So She Started Modeling and At the Age of just 21 ,She Made a Video Of ‘Himesh Reshammiya’s Song “Naam Hai Tera” and After Watching her on TV Screen , Everyone Get Shock That they Saw A Very Fresh and Beautiful Face and She Also Have Achieved An ‘KIngfisher’ Award Just because Of Her Modeling In Some Fashion Week.

After The Music Video Of ‘Himesh’s Song , She is Getting offers One By One Simultaneously and She was Actually Confused Because She Have a Thought in Her Mind That She is not too Much Good In Acting And Just Because of This Thought She Get admitted in ”Anupam Kher’s Film Academy”.

Deepika_Padukone. Kooza

And On the Other Side The Great DIrector ‘Farah Khan’ Was Noticed Her In ‘Himesh’s song Video and when She heared that ‘Deepika’ Got Admission In Film Academy , Then She Finally Decided to Cast ‘Deepika’ As an Heroine For her BlockBuster Movie ” OM shanti OM “.

After Getting Sucess In ‘Farah Khan’s Movie , Then She had A bundle of Offers from Different Directors with Different Kind Of Stories and Then She have Decided to Take A Deep Dive in The Pool Of Indian film Industry and then She Shifted To ‘Mumbai’.
So We CAn Get Idea Of Her Hardwork By Counting her First Year Releasing of Movies And Those Are ‘Five’ , YES she released five Movies in Year 2010.

In ‘Om Shanti Om’ She Have Done Outstanding Performance And give Alot of business ,Almost 22 billion US Dollars , And Also She Got The Best Award for Female Debut.

After That She Made Movies With lot of super Stars like the TOp name Of the LIst Is “SRK” , ‘Akshay Kumar’ , ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ ,and Then Once Again Item Number With ‘SRK’ and Then with ‘Saif Ali Khan’ The Handsome Hunk of Bollywood , Also With ‘FArhan Akhtar’ Which Was A Depressed Hero And the Role Which she Have done In a very well Manner Was Very Difficult to Her But Still She did That just for the Sake Of her Sucess.



The Most Important And interesting Thing is that the Movie which She Made with ‘Akshay Kumar’ Was Produced by The Producers Of ‘Hollywood’ The One and Only ‘Warner Brothers’ and the sadest thing about that Movie Was this , Poeple didn’t Like the Most that Movie But Still They SCored 18 million US dollars.
Now If We Talk ABout Her Personal Life Then She Got Involved into Ranbir Kapoor and They STill remain Intouch with each other FOr Like 3 Years but NOw a DAys Deepika is MAking Movie With ‘RAnbheer Singh’ with the movie name of ‘Baji-Rao Mastani’ and Side By Side this They Both Getting Involve into Each Other And ‘RAnbheer Singh’ is Even Said This ” I Can Wait My Whole For Deepika”.



Now We can’t Say anything About Her Realtionship Status And Almost Like Complicated.
But When We talk About Her Sucess Then We Must Say This That Her Sucess Is talking To Sky and You Can Imagine Her Sucess BY Reading Her Per Movie Rate And That Is 66 Million.

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