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Something You Don’t Know About Ranbir Kapoor



SO, When we talk about the Stunning and The Handsome and Smart Celebrity then We all Must Speak Out the Name of The one and only ‘Ranbir Kapoor’.

‘Ranbir’ is the Shining Star of Kapoor’s Family and Now He is The one of The highest-paid and the most popular Actors/Model in All Over The whole world.

‘Ranbir’ was Born in 1982 at 28th of the September and if we talk about his age we probably say this, He is now 33Years Old.
‘Ranbir’ is the Son of The Greatest Actor and we also can say him Legend and the most popular like his son, the one and only ‘Rishi Kapoor’. Here we give You a little Intro of ‘Rishi Kapoor’. He is the one of the Best Actor and producer and Director As well.And the interesting thing about him is, He Received ‘National Film Award’ in 1971 just for the role of child Artist.
And then He Received ‘Filmfare lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2008 which was really a Great Achievement and an honour.

Ranbir-kapoor. Kooza

Where ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ Has a Father Actor, Side by Side This, He have also an Actress Mother and Her Name is ‘Neetu Singh’ Who is the Bestest Best Actress of Her Time and Also a very Well Known Actress and most popular Actress.
‘Neetu Singh’ Turned Into ‘Neetu Kapoor’ in 1980, Which Means ‘Rishi Kapoor’ And ‘Neetu Singh’ Got Married in 1980.
And the Most interesting thing about ‘Neetu’ is, She Started Acting at the Age of ‘8Years’ under the Name of ‘Baby Sonia’ and She Played 1966 movie ‘Dus lakh’.

Now we Come back to ‘Ranbir’ and now we tell you about his Schooling, He Has educated in ‘Bombay Scottish School’ Which is Located in India and the city with the name of ‘Mahim’.

The interesting thing About his studies are , He have been always in the Bottom Five Students and He feels useless about acting and did not interest in acting at all and reason behind hating acting was his parents fighting which was happening in his home at the time of his childhood and even He was Affected deeply from inside just because the fight become really very bad and He shared that sometimes He was sitting on the stairs and his head between in his knees and He sat like this for 4 to 8 hours just for in the wait to let the fight stop.

Anyway , After Completing His Pre-university Education from ‘H.R college of commerce and Economics’ Ranbir Relocated to ‘New-york’ just for the study about ‘Film Making’ and then He went to ‘Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute’ Which is located in California and finally When He completed his University , He came Back to India just to check himself about filmmaking and His Debut with ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Movie in which He was Assistance of ‘Sanjay’ and He shared that He work Day And night and He even Wash the floor and Fix the lights and set the tables just to make ‘Bhansali’ like him enough and to cast him in his next movie As a Hero and He did it.
‘Ranbir’ also Have an elder Sister with the name of ‘Riddhima’ Who was Born in 1980 and His elder Sister is an Interior Designer.

Ranbir kapoor.kooza

The most interesting Thing is That , Karishma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor are the First cousins of him and another interesting thing is this ‘Ranbir’ is The Grandson of ‘Raj Kapoor’ who was known as a ‘Man of The show’ And the most Talented and popular Actor of his Time and later on He also Started Producing And directing As well.
‘Ranbir’s another interesting thing is, He have Strong Attachment With his Mother and very Strong distance (Which He have covered now) with His Father.

Just To Make Friendship and to finish the distance between his father and him, He Went to America with His Father After completing His tenth Examinations.The movie Name was ‘Aa Ab Laut Chalein’, and was made in 1999.
In the beginning, His motive to make films and earn money was just for Charity and for Causes and He is Also the Co-Founder Of the Production Company ‘ Picture Shuru Productions’ and He is Also Co-Owner of ‘Indian Super League’ Football Team Mumbai City FC.

Now he is Going to Give A new Flick with the name of ‘Tamasha’ And He shared That He will come even to Pakistan just for the Promotion of His Movie.

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