Published On: Wed, Apr 20th, 2016

SPF30 sunscreen use can prevent from skin cancer

Sunscreen lotion

Sunscreen lotion

Do you want to avoid skin cancer then there is a solution? A new research study has revealed that use of sunscreen with the sun protection factor 30 (SPF30) before to going outside and having contact with sunlight is probable to postpone the onset of skin cancer.

The research study, held on mice, illustrated that sunscreens are recognized to avert skin from burning when bare to UV sunlight, which is a main dangerous cause for melanoma, a much grave form of skin cancer.

Though, it has not been probable to examine whether sunscreens avert melanoma for the reason that these are usually produced as cosmetics and examined in human volunteers or synthetic skin models.

Christin Burd, lead researcher and assistant professor at the Ohio State University, stated that “We have developed a mouse model that permits us to test the ability of a sunscreen to not only prevent burns but also to prevent melanoma,”

He further stated that “This is a remarkable accomplishment. We hope that this model will lead to breakthroughs in melanoma prevention,”

Burd and colleagues formerly accounted in Cancer Discovery, a journal of the AACR, the development of this mouse melanoma model.

The researchers genetically engineered mice and discovered that if they uncovered these to a solitary dose of ultraviolet-B (UVB) light a day later than using the SPF30 chemical 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4OHT) to the skin, melanomas seemed a lot speedily, and there were numerous tumours.

The researchers then employed the mouse model to examine the capability of a lot of sunscreens named SPF30 to avert melanoma.

The sunscreens, which enclosed a verity of UV-blocking agents, were used on the mice before contact to the UVB light. All the sunscreens belated melanoma onset and decreased tumour occurrence.

“Melanoma-free survival was reduced by 80 percent, to about five weeks,” said Burd.

The initial findings were recently presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting 2016″ in the US.

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