Published On: Thu, Oct 13th, 2016

Sunny Leone’s ‘Mostly Sunny’ reveals her past



The hot and gorgeous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has always been in captions because of her dark past and bold roles in Indian movies for fairly some time now.

Yet a documentary named Mostly Sunny by Dilip Mehta is going to make which will disclose and explore her life as a porn star a closer look will take to her family and her real-life close friends.

Dilip who was the photojournalist and became filmmaker has revealed that the documentary displays Sunny’s struggle to get Bollywood roles and how she “honors who she is” and “never apologized for herself”.

Dilip further stated that “She is a remarkable person – unapologetic, unrepentant and a liberal feminist,”


Regardless of providing Dilip a reasonable sum of entrée to her private life, Sunny has renounced the documentary. The filmmaker, who has dealt the subject with admiration referring Sunny a feminist icon with the implausible focal point in her career, surprises why the actress has qualms.

He said that “We have stayed true to the facts and I have not been judgmental. I am doing what a documentarian does – I am not pontificating, but merely recording. Even during the editing, there were so many ways one could have manipulated and controlled the material,’’

Sunny perhaps had suspicions regarding the enclosure of short clips from her pornographic videos or an overt interview with the notorious talk show Howard Stern, recognized for sexualizing women in Mostly Sunny, Dilip additionally recommended.

sunny is performing

Dilip further added “How am I going to talk about somebody’s former profession without showing it? If she were a phenomenal actor, I would not be interested in doing this film. The only reason people watched her is to see her naked,”

He continued by saying that “It’s a trajectory within the trajectory – in my view, she is trying to do a spin by saying, this is not my story,”

Most Sunny additionally illustrates the Bollywood’s boldness to repackage a controversial character like Sunny to gross. Dilip said “This movie will come as an astonished – we like Sunny. I am giving you a totally different gravitas than Sunny’s own interviews to fashion magazines,”

sunny with h

Dilip further continued “It’s a charming movie to do – she has an interesting life trajectory, and it reflects so much of present-day India. You have a right of center government and moral police at every nook and cranny, and suddenly you have a porn star – what a contradiction. Who says we are intolerant? Maybe we are not,”

Mostly Sunny will be showcased at the Mumbai Film Festival from October 20-27 and will be accessible on Netflix and iTunes

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