Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2015

SWAT is going to reappear



After some days when it was exposed that Samurai Jack, American animated television series, is going to make its come back on Cartoon Network, the children from 90s have an additional cause to celebrate because their much-loved crime fighting cats, SWAT Kats, are going to put an innovative come back to the TV screen.

The people who created the show, Yvon and Christian Tremblay, proclaimed a Kickstarter promotion to restart the series. The promotion which ultimately finished with a full pledge of $141,500 assisted in meeting the planned objective of making a two-minute-long animated conundrum for SWAT Kats Revolution.

12 days before the finishing of the campaign, it has crossed the $100,000 difficulty. The TV serial will have an animated teaser besides role designs, three narratives and fresh idea art relating to the show.

Nevertheless, the present vow permits the creators just to release an animated teaser. Whereas the objective of $200,000 would have allowed them to create a 22-minute-long installment, a financial support of $1,000,000 would have consequence in a 5-part short series being commissioned.

While the sum produced for the innovative installment reduces less than the requisite amount, the makers of the show have reacted with enthusiasm to the report they have got.

The creator of the series, Tremblay, showed gratitude to their fans moment prior to the close of the vow, for showing their faithfulness and dedication whereas at the same time making efforts to exhale a fresh life into the series. He stated it in a video uploaded on the Kickstarter website as “We thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts. You have all been the best and loyal fans,”

Originally the SWAT Kats showed the first time in 1993 and was a fraction of the syndication block recognized as The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera. The series is going to release in the fictional metropolis of Megakat City that is inhabited by anthropomorphic felines recognized as ‘kats’.


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