Published On: Sat, Apr 2nd, 2016

Swat: The Switzerland of Pakistan


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Swat is recognized as the Switzerland of Pakistan. One of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. The Swat River is lucid water rivers which begins from the Ushu fume of hills and then extend to all the valley of Swat. It includes in the greenest valleys of the Northern Pakistan and is properly linked to the other parts of Pakistan. You can get regular flights from Islamabad to Swat and Swat to Islamabad. You can also get from Peshawar (160 KMs) or Islamabad (250 KMs).



Swat valley is situated in the center of foothills of Hindukush mountain range. The central towns of the valley include Mingora and Saidu Sharief.


The people who are leisure lovers and also love for nature will definitely admire Swat. Swat is also attractive for Hikers and archeologist. There are a lot of comfortable hotels where you can stay and relax. In Kalam, upper Swat, you can find some very pleasant walks because weather is very amusing and you can effortlessly walk over the hills for hours and take pleasure in the unspoiled nature.


The Swat was the garden of Ashoka and was a flourishing land in the Buddhist times (2nd BC to 5 AD). You can see at least more than 100 archeological spots in the valley but less than 10% of them are yet explored. You can visit some of those spots in a half day trip of Swat.



250 KMs 5- 6 Hours, travel in the morning from Islamabad and discontinue at the union of Kabul & Indus rivers afterward prolong to Swat by Charsadha, impede at diverse village markets and go by the Malakand pass. You can take Lunch at a local restaurant on the way. Later than Malakand pass you go into the valley of Swat. See the Churchill’s post and Shingardar Stupa on the way. Takht e Bhai much fine conserved Buddhist monastery is on the way prior to Malakand pass.


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