Published On: Wed, Jan 20th, 2016

Syra and Shahroz’s comeback as a screen duo


The Pakistani well admired celebrity duo, Syra Shahroz and Shahroz Subzwari is going to appear in an on-screen debut together, which is a TV drama serial, Pasheman, that will be aired on January 20. Before their wedding, the two seem in Tanhaiyaan Naye Silsilay, pursuing which they characterized in a marketable for a telecommunication massive. Four years have happily passed off their marriage.  Pasheman is a story of an obstinate girl (Syra), who weds a humble, polite guy (Shahroz), for which she was not happy initially. Saleem Sheikh performs her real love interest in the serial, whereas famous actor Behroz Sabzwari performs Syra’s father. Syra reveals that “I liked the fact that I don’t like Shahroz in the drama. I pretty much hate him, and I feel the audience would enjoy watching us in such a different situation.”

She further states that it is comfortable to act with your husband, “You’re husband and wife, so there is no awkwardness on any level and of course, there is a certain amount of given chemistry. As time has lapsed, I’ve also become more comfortable in my skin and less shy as an actor.” Shahroz tells that it seems natural when you are acting with your wife, “We are both acting in this, but no matter who it is, I’ll always make it a point to create chemistry because after all I am an actor,”

Syra shares that “If tomorrow I am to romance someone else on-screen, people might be like ‘haww’ but that’s about it. We have held back from appearing together because too much of it would be the death of our careers.” Likewise, Shahroz says the same, “It was a marriage of two actors, and so we were too much in everyone’s face. We wanted to avoid that.”

Syra states that audience loves them and wants to see them together on screens. They also want to give the audience a new thing to watch and for this, they mutually give regards to the story. She continued as “I don’t want to do the same kind of roles which gain the audiences’ sympathy.  That does not apply to someone who takes acting seriously. You must challenge yourself with every role,”

They couple has a baby girl and Shahroz confesses that marriage and his baby daughter have not altered the type of roles he is offered, he further mentions that “People don’t feel contented experimenting with me for the reason that they speak I have ‘baby looks’. I don’t consider maturity in acting can be defined by of a beard or the lack of it. I keep working hard on my acting so I can get past that.”


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