Published On: Sat, Aug 6th, 2016

Syrian women welcome ISIS-free society, burn burqas to celebrate victory


‘Damn this stupid invention that they made us wear,’ one woman was heard saying as she set her burqa on fire.

Manbij, Syria: Nearly a month after US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces advanced ISIS-captured Syrian town of Manbij, forcing the terror group out of the region, civilians have been celebrating the freedom in their own unique ways.

Some women were recently filmed burning their burqas and veils which the Islamic State militants had forced on them.

The incident took place in Syria’s Manbij. It is located along a route connecting Raqqa — IS’s de facto capital in Syria — to the Turkish border.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, while the civilians were celebrating their victory against ISIS, one of the women from the crowd stepped in and seized a lighter. She then burnt her burqa while on-lookers cheered.

“Damn this stupid invention that they made us wear,” one woman was heard saying as she set her burqa on fire. “We’re humans, we have our freedom,” another said.

The video shows a woman burning her burqa while another one joins in and reveals how ISIS militants tortured and abused them.

“They banned television, telephone, they took all the meat, they took all the bread, we’ve been living in hunger. They took our men and killed them, they trapped our people in prisons, we want them back,” she said.

A month back when US-backed forces seized a village in northern Syria from the clutches of Islamic State, a19-year-old girl swiftly tore off the niqab she had been forced to wear since 2014 and smiled.

“I felt liberated,” the girl said after swapping her black face-covering veil for a red head scarf. “They made us wear it against our will so I removed it that way to spite them.”

Islamic State group has been forcing women in their territory to wear a burqa that covers their entire body, except for eyes, in accordance with their Sharia law.

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