Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

Tagging bride ‘Manhoos,’ groom cancel marriage



Raipur(India) : A marriage has been called off by the groom’s family calling the bride ‘Manhoos’ (jinxed) after the groom’s father met a small accident days before the wedding.

According to Times of India reports, the marriage was scheduled on April 22 but the groom’s family from a village in Gariyaband called off the marriage citing the silly reason.

The shocking incident made the bride’s poor family restless as bookings were done, all the invitation cards were distributed and relatives started flocking to enjoy the wedding.

When the bride’s family hailing from village Tulsi concerned about facing the insult in the society make efforts to convince the groom’s family, they rather slapped heavy dowry demand and threaten “Jo karna hai kar lo, hum shadi nahi karenge”.

The accident caused his father a minor fracture, but  tagging her ‘jinx’ is just an excuse to put pressure on them as their main aim was dowry.

The bride finally made an official complaint to Raipur SP and at state women commission.The girl’s application was accepted at the Women’s commission and both the family would be contacted soon.

Chandrawati Dewangan, the bride, a Class XII pass said that she had been in in touch with the boy over the phone and has sensed his greediness as he asked her to tell her parents get a car for him during the wedding.

“His father on April 17 fell off from a motorbike fracturing his leg after which his family accused me of being ‘manhoos’ (jinxed) and that I was responsible for the accident. They decided to call off the marriage but my family went to convince them after which a meeting was called at our residence with them and community members,” Chandrawati said.

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