Published On: Fri, Apr 8th, 2016

Taher Shah to showcase even more quirkiness in upcoming song


Pakistani musician (if that’s what you can call him) Taher Shah is all set to release his second single today, according to his tweets.

If you thought Eye to Eye was hilarious, awkward, lame or quirky, wait till you get a load of this. Earlier, we had informed our viewers that Taher Shah was about to make a comeback after three years with another single. The announcement was made from none other than the Eye to Eye singer himself. Laced with Meera-like grammatical errors, Taher Shah tweeted the following message to his  followers on Twitter:-

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From the looks of it, this upcoming song and video is likely to be as hilarious as its predecessor. While Eye to Eye featured him in a white suit, the upcoming song features him in a more unusual demeanor–that of a fairy! From the tweet above, it can be seen how Taher Shah is dressed in a long purple dress and also has wings attached to his sides. The little crown on his head and the surrounding, vibrant background also point towards a song which might be focused more towards a fairyland sort of theme. Earlier, Taher had claimed in a tweet that his ‘new invented song’ will be his ‘biggest surprise’.


FireShot Capture 216 - Taher Shah to showcase even more quir_ - http___arynews.tv_en_taher-shah-to


Wishing Taher Shah all the best for his upcoming song and the viewers, a good hearty laugh. After all, we expect nothing less from Mr. Shah!

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