Published On: Sat, Apr 9th, 2016

Taher Shah’s second song Angel is going viral!


The popular Pakistani artist Taher Shah is back! This Internet sensation has released his second song titled Angel and we must say, social media buffs cannot stop talking about it. The singer-songwriter has dressed in all flashy attire leaving his hair open – he is actually scaring the hell out of people. After watching this song Angel we doubt that people will start fearing the Adorable Angels too. This video song will definitely give you a visual treat. We are sure the video song Eye to Eye is still fresh in your minds.

Taher Shah’s song Angel is breaking the Internet and it is even trending at the top this weekend. The song Angel has become so disastrous that Twitterati actually couldn’t control their emotions. They have let it all out and Taher Shah is being trolled royally. In fact some B-town celebs too have reacted to it after listening to Angel.

Here are some of the tweets that are worth the read:

Taher Shah's

The man is speaking of loving heaven, mankind’s angel and also lalalalala angel. He even says that we can all be angels but after watching this video song, we doubt you would ever want to become an angel. By the way, his hairy chest is also visible through that shiny gown. You really cannot give a miss to this viral video and make your day better or worse – you decide. Watch Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ linked in the player below.

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