Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016

Take woman to get a deal



If you are going for a deal then ensure that a woman is participating in the negotiations because a new research study has discovered that compromise for all time happens amid two decision makers when a female is involved. The verdicts could be pertinent to marketers, managers, and consumers, researchers added.

Hristina Nikolova from Carroll School of Management in the US has stated that “When men are in the presence of other men, they feel the need to prove their masculinity,”

Nikolova continued by saying that “Both tend to push away from the compromise option because the compromise option is consistent with feminine norms. On the other hand, extremism is a more masculine trait so that is why both male partners tend to prefer an extreme option when making decisions together,”

Researchers have discovered that compromise for all the time happens amongst two decision makers when a woman is included (female-female pairs or mixed gender pairs), but scarcely ever when a couple of decision makers are men.

The researchers of the study further added “The decisions we make in pairs may be very different than those we make alone, depending on who we make them with,” researchers continued “Classic compromise effects, also known as the ‘goldilocks effect’ or ‘extremeness aversion,’ may not emerge in all joint consumption decisions.”

Researchers organized four trials with 1,204 students at two US universities, and a fifth experiment employing 673 online contributors. The research studies included diverse duos of a man and woman, two women, and two men making verdicts on this kind of things like purchasing printers, toothpaste, flashlights, tires, hotels, headphones, diverse sizes and forms of grills, what costs to seek in a lottery, and if to purchase perilous or safe stocks with parallel lofty and lesser returns.

Nikolova continued that “No matter what the product is, we see the same effects. The compromise effect basically emerges in any pair when there is a woman,”

Researchers discovered that when men decide jointly, they in fact inclined to reject from the compromise choice and pick one of the severe options.

Nikolova further stated that “Say two men are choosing a car and the cars they are considering differ on safety and fuel efficiency – they will either go for the safest car or the one that offers them the most fuel efficiency, but they will not choose an option that offers a little of both,”

In dissimilarity, persons and mixed-gender and female-female duos will probably go for the middle choice since it appears sensible and is effortlessly acceptable, researchers told. When making choices jointly, men take actions that are a lot diverse from feminine norms, which priorities restraint, and much alike to masculine norms, which priorities margin, the research study stated.

Nikolova told that “In contrast to men, women act the same together as they would alone because they do not need to prove anything in front of other women,”

The results were presented in the Journal of Consumer Research.


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