Published On: Thu, Feb 18th, 2016

‘Tea’ the refreshing brew


The most refreshing thing in the morning is the tea which activates our minds and gives the energy to do your routine work and add a zest of flavor to your day. Now try to get rid of the tea bag and put that kettle on to get brewing with these diversities.


White tea
the light white tea increases cardiovascular health. It is helpful for anti-aging too and also has the characteristics that can assist with weight management.

The ingredients which are used in it are White tea – 2 tbsp Hot water.
boil the water to 180 Degrees but don’t over boiled. Steep the leaves in the water for three to four minutes and enjoy the tea.

Hibiscus ice tea
it is considered that the tea may boost the immune system and help in reduce the blood pressure.

add Hibiscus flower–1, large
add Water–500 ml
add Cinnamon stick–1, small
add Jaggery syrup–1 tsp

get the flower and take away its stamen. Put water and boil it, turning the heat, put the hibiscus flower and cinnamon bond to this. Wrap and steep the tea for 10 minutes. Now strain the mixture into a pot, put some syrup and serve with ice. Adorn the glass with some mint leaves and a piece of lime.”

Matcha tea
it is excellent elevated in antioxidants and a metabolism booster. Matcha tea can make people energetic and just observe its advantages.

add Almond milk–½ cup
add Matcha powder–½ tsp
add Cinnamon and cardamom–a sprinkling


Just make the milk warm and then put the spices in it. Make the matcha tea in a different pot. Put the milk with spices and combine it.
Advantages of drinking tea
It can decrease the peril of stroke
It has antioxidants
It can reduce the peril of diabetes
it also has cavity-fighting characteristics and slows down the increase of mouth bacteria.

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