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Tech gadgets: Five best gifting ideas for your kids


Here’s a compilation of budget to high-end gifting ideas for every kid.

Millennium kids — they are completely different. It perhaps doesn’t matter whether you really love your kids — they in all probability are not going to love you back, unless you give them a steady stream of gifts. And no, this does not mean that you should go out of your way buy them something absurdly expensive.

Instead, think of something fun that will also help them learn a thing or two. If you are too occupied or lazy to do that, we have compiled a list of toys and gadgets you could consider gifting to your kid. We start off with the most affordable option out there:

Gift ideas

Hexbug Larva (Rs 500+)

While you may find it a bit creepy, all kids absolutely love it. While it may look like a simple, regular toy, the Larva has complex gear mechanism within. You might not notice, but its uses an infrared sensor to avoid obstacles on its own. The manufacturer has also done a great job at replicating the swaying motion of a larva. If you don’t mind spending a little more, the Hexbug also sells an excellent remote controlled Scarab in India.

Gift ideas

RC Helicopter (Rs 1400+)

Speaking of RC (remote controlled) toys, a helicopter like this one is a must for kids, literally. Although it’s just a toy, flying a helicopter is quite challenging for all ages. Using multiple controls, your kid will have to control the helicopter’s velocity, altitude, flight direction, cyclic pitch, and whatnot. This exercise works as a nice way to hone your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The ability to handle critical tasks without freaking out is an added bonus — a great way to develop the brain for quick thinking.

Gift ideas

Monopoly Electronic (Rs 2,000+)

If you want to help your child learn about finance and investment, there’s no better teacher than the Monopoly board game — we have all played it as kids. The game teaches you the importance of budgeting and making most of the opportunity. Kids can learn how to take calculated risks to make more money without going bankrupt. It also gives your kids a lesson on how to strike a deal, form business relations, and how not to bank on a single thing. The timeless classic now comes with a new spin. Much like the real world, Monopoly transactions are now powered by an electronic swipe machine. Rest assured, you will never have to explain to your kids how debit/credit cards work.

Gift ideas

Kindle (Rs 6,000+)

Many kids hate books. And forget reading, some even hate carrying them around, even if they like reading. Reading eBooks on a smartphone or tablets are known to cause eyestrain and posture problems. The solution, probably, is an eBook reader or even better, a Kindle. Kindle features a paper-like display and can hold thousands of books within. Thanks to its built-in tools such as the ‘Smart lookup’, kids don’t have to keep a dictionary handy. What’s more, the Kindle also comes with a Vocabulary Builder that creates a repository of your newly learned words. Since there is no printing cost involved, most of the books in Kindle format cost under Rs 300. The device is Wi-Fi-Internet connected, and latched on to an account, where parents can control what they can read and buy.

Gift ideas

Gaming Console (Rs 13,000+)

As opposed to what most people think, surprisingly video games are ‘actually beneficial’ for kids. Scientific studies have revealed that playing video games lead to faster learning and better management skills. Playing FPS (First Person Shooter) games enhances situation awareness and accuracy. Kids learn to approach a problem from a different perspective. Last but not the least, video games are proven to make kids positively accept their failure. It encourages them to try again until they succeed. You can buy the last generation console for Rs 13,000 whereas the latest ones would set you back for around Rs 30,000. And adding to that is additional cost for game titles.

The festival season is just around the corner. So what are you buying your kid?

— Chandrakant Isi

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