Published On: Fri, Oct 16th, 2015

The clicks which you have might missed


In the contemporary era fans of movies want to know more about it and watch all the shots which were click by the cameras. The circling credit doesn’t mean that movie is ended.  Most of the times it is on and some interesting scenes come after or before credits. Many studios do it deliberately to show and to tease their upcoming films. Studios and directors were relying on small scenes to bookend their entire story, or just offer audiences another laugh. Many times audiences miss these appealing scenes in hurry.

We will show you some post credit scenes which you have might missed.



The blockbuster of Walt Disney Pictures which was released in English-speaking countries on May 25, 2007 used post-credits scenes for little chokes, including a ghostly Monkey and a worshipped dog. But in the third Pirates movie the lead hero Will Turner, named Orlando Bloom, decide to take over as captain of Davy Jones’ ship.  That destined positing foot on ground just once every decade.  Will still got to tie the knot with the love of his life, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), but it was the post-credits scene that conveyed the real happy ending. The son of Will and Elizabeth who is now ten years old, he and his mother watch Will’s  ship comes back in a flare of green light, with the errant sailor set to meet his son for the first time – mockery an obvious escapade.



The film of fantasy world released on 15 November 2002 in the United Kingdom and North America and brought the audiences in the magical world. The supernatural con man that becomes magical icon Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart captivated his way into Hogwarts in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS but his brain was smear when a spell backfired. A post credit scene proved him unknown by the biography, who am I?



2011 American adventure thriller flick follows a number of oil-men marooned in Alaska after a plane crash. Then they are strained to live on using little more than their intelligence, as a set of gray wolves following them amidst ruthlessly cold climate. A post-credits scene illustrates both the wolf and man offended and out of breath, and even if fans can’t really tell who triumphed the fight.



The audience who remained fix till the end through the credits they see the click when a fortified taker resolute to disregard the hero of the movie. It was a fitting joke to the end of the film, but comic book fans will appreciate.

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