Published On: Thu, Apr 14th, 2016

The power of moustache in Bollywood


In the world of fashion, moustache largely remained at the periphery, making occasional comebacks on ramps or photo shoots under the retro label. While the bearded look is more or less ubiquitous, most men are hesitant to put their faith in the plain moustache look.

However, Indian men have remained loyal to moustache for long. The valour and nobility associated with tash in our collective consciousness finds a reflection in our movies. Despite changing trends and the evolution of brawny heroes with packs, our filmmakers follow the age-old tradition of putting that ‘moonchh’ on the upper lip of actors whenever the latter don the role of a police officer.

A Chulbul Pandey wouldn’t have stolen the hearts of millions had he been clean-shaven. Moustache and masculinity are interlinked in the Bollywood psyche.

Apparently, Bollywood alone isn’t responsible for infecting our youngsters with the ‘tash fever’ in the recent years. The credit goes to ‘Movember’  – a men’s movement that promotes the growing of facial hair in the month of November, to raise awareness on prostate cancer.

While aam aadmi remains in the comfort of regular moustache, Bollywood actors love to experiment with the many variants of facial hair, from handlebar to French style. Aamir Khan has been sporting the handlebar tash lately, and he looks incredibly classy that way. Same goes with Ranveer Singh’s moustache from his Bajirao Mastani days.

Do you think our Bollywood actors look better in their moustache avatars? Check out the pics and decide.

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