Published On: Thu, Mar 24th, 2016

The Rock’s 5 Biggest Career-Defining Matches with WWE


On April 3, The Rock will return to the WrestleMania stage for yet another electrifying performance. While it is unknown exactly what he will do that night, it is almost certain that he will not compete in an official capacity. But from 1996 to 2003, he was a full-time member of the WWE roster, an undeniably charismatic performer whose presence alone could generate a pop louder than the roaring thunderheads over Kansas.

He was a flashy in-ring performer; his exaggerated punches and kicks were the stuff of a complete and utter egotist but one that fans loved to cheer. He was simply electrifying, with his aura alone causing people to sit up and take notice of the third-generation star.

For seven years, he captivated fans on a regular basis, wrestling some of the best matches of his generation.

There is a difference between great matches and defining ones, though. While a great match can unfold in front of any audience, in any corner of the world, a defining match is typically saved for the biggest shows of the years and helps to tell the story of a given Superstar’s career.

With one of the most celebrated careers ever and a resume that speaks for itself, The Rock had plenty matches that one could label as “defining.” Once one falls into that trap, though, the idea of “defining” and “special” are thrown out the window.

Now, in preparation of The Rock’s return to the squared circle and his appearance at WrestleMania, relive these five matches that tell the story of wrestling’s most electrifying man and helped make him the internationally recognized megastar he is today.

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