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The Ultimate Remedy (Cure of all diseases via Quranic Radiations)


By : Anum Murad.


Fiza (name changed due to privacy issues) was worried about not having a baby even after 5 years of her marriage. The couple was medically sound and they tried every worldly option they could get their hands on to fill the void in their lives. The couple had to go through the same fate of societal pressure, sarcastic remarks of the in-laws, hopelessness, dejection and negativity that all couples without babies have to suffer. Very soon, chirpy and lively Fiza became dull as if something inside her had died!

I gave her the message of Ultimate Remedy and after a week, Fiza was given the news that changed her life – she was expecting!

The world has all the reasons to trigger negativity in us. There has always been a tussle between “POSITIVITY” and “NEGATIVITY” in our lives. Failure to keep a balance between the two affects our clarity towards life, deprives us to realize the Blessings of Allah and eventually, it leads to disharmony of mind, body & soul.

Disharmony generates four types of ills, Social Ills (disrespect of elders, low moral values, corruption, deceit etc.) Physical Illnesses (cardiac diseases, ulcer, hypertension, arthritis, tuberculosis, cancer, Hepatitis A,B and C, Aids, Epilepsy etc.), Mental Disorders (Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Personality Disorders etc.) and Spiritual Disturbances (Superstitions, Black Magic, Possessions etc.).

DEPRESSION is one of the most common diseases of the recent times that is beyond human and scientific understanding.  80%of population is suffering from it all over the world. It has captured our mind, thoughts and soul. Till now, no drugs or any other interventions can cure this disease of mind. This is where the Ultimate Remedy comes in!!

The Ultimate Remedy is based on Surah Al Rehman which is the BRIDE of Quran. As the name indicates, Al Rehman is one of the most comprehensive and dynamic characteristic of “ALLAH”; who continues to shower His Blessings on His Creation, irrespective of their faith, beliefs and sins.


The Ultimate Remedy requires listening to Surah Al Rehman. Why listen and not read it? The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said, “I prefer to listen to recitation of Quran”. While sitting among his companions he would listen to Quran being recited with great concentration.

The Quran says, when you hear the recitation of Quranic verses; remain silent and listen with deep concentration so that you are blessed with MERCY.

Quran is SHIFA (CURE) of various dimensions for social, mental, physical and spiritual diseases. It generates positivity and works on the alignment of body and soul. There is no cure other than the Quran. The Quran is for the entire humanity and not just the Muslims!

Still today, we can benefit ourselves from Quran. The light and energy that it radiates is still the same. The question is how to get it?

The “Ultimate Remedy” is the research work of a great SUFI of our times, Makhdoom Syed Safdar Ali Bokhari, also known as “Baba Bokhari” by his huge number of followers. He has made remarkable research on Dhamal/music and spiritual therapy. He is known to have spent his whole life in the service of humanity, healing the distracted souls looking for light and guidance. Baba Bokhari’s prestigious SHRINE at a few kilometers off the Lilah Interchange (Motorway) is the testament of his selfless efforts to serve the humanity in best possible way.

Baba Bokhari was of the opinion that as Quran is Shifa, each and every alphabet of Quran radiates light and energy and creates harmony of mind, body and soul; provided you listen to it with deeper concentration. Similarly, a divine light exists inside of each one of us, it just needs to be felt and rekindled. When the heart is illuminated, that is when positive thinking comes. Mind is relaxed and physical energies are restored. Hence the Quranic Radiation does wonders and gives immense energy to the soul so that it overwhelms the mind and body; to be translated in harmony, peace, love, joy and service to others. .

He gave a practical demonstration and the results were enthralling! He gathered the people, asked them to close their eyes and feel the presence of ALLAH by clearing the mind with all the thoughts and focusing on One, The Allah, The Most Merciful.

Surah Al Rehman, a recitation of Qari Abdul Basit Abdul Samad (without translation) was then played and everyone was requested to listen to it with closed eyes and deep concentration.


After the recitation ended, the people were asked to open their eyes and their reactions were mind boggling. Majority were crying, a few looked stunned and a general aura of peace and positivity prevailed.

The group was then given half a glass of water and asked to close their eyes again, to feel the nearness of ALLAH and then say “ALLAH” thrice in the heart and drink water in three sips with closed eyes. Some even experienced a change in the taste of water as sweet although it was a normal tap water.

The results proved that absolute focus, faith and conviction created a connection with Almighty and it helped to cure many diseases with His Blessings.

For years, the message of Baba Bokhari has been spread all over the world. It has been passed on from generations. The Ultimate Remedy (cure of all diseases via Quranic Radiations) was also telecasted by Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) for the betterment of mankind. It was launched in January 2001 under the title of “Al-Rehman. The program was recorded at various locations capturing multiple expressions and experiences of more than 15,000 people; in different hospitals, villages, cities. The program also included the opinions of several leading religious scholars and doctors who simultaneously expressed the importance of spiritual healing with reference to Quran, Sunnah and Science. The doctors gave references of “faith healing” concepts while the religious scholars highlighted the significance of Quranic Radiations. The program was a massive hit! It attracted millions of people and helped them overcome diseases of all dimensions.

Many other channels have also been making short reports on Surah Rehman (easily available on the social media). Millions of people worldwide are benefitting from the Ultimate Remedy irrespective of their religion, caste, creed or nationality!

Baba Bokhari is physically not here with us anymore but his message remains eternal. He achieved, what he desired; a real service to mankind!

He gave a remarkable remedy to the sufferers and a guideline for generations to follow. Whether you strive for worldly success or inner peace and spiritual enlightenment, the solution is ONE – “The Ultimate Remedy”

I leave this article open ended and give you all the power to experience, feel, absorb, realize and get mesmerized with the NOOR-E-ELLAHI and unlimited Blessings of The Ultimate Remedy via Surah Al Rehman.

The details are open to all with the proper method mentioned and a free download of Surah Al Rehman (Abdul Qari Basit voice, without translation) from

For a chronic disease: listen to Surah Al Rehman thrice a day for 7 consecutive days

For acute disease: Listen to Surah Al Rehman twice a day for 7 consecutive days

For normal people: Listen to Surah Al Rehman once a day for 7 consecutive days

Must take water every time according to the prescribed method.

It has to be listened once in your lifetime, not a day to be missed out of the 7 consecutive days. Listen to Believe!

Sufi Syed Makhdoom Safdar Ali Bokhari

Sufi Syed Makhdoom Safdar Ali Bokhari

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