Published On: Sat, Jan 9th, 2016

There is no original online content creator: Zaid


The well known Pakistani-Canadian internet entertainer Zaid Ali Tahir is everyone’s favorite and now and then charged of this very practice. The juvenile internet comedian went Canada from Pakistan when he was 11-year-old in 2004 but visited off and on his homeland. He is liked by more than 15 million viewers on his videos, admitted that he don’t feel ashamed that his ideas are taken from others, as he stated these words, “We live in a world where every idea has already been done so in a sense there’s no originality left. Most content is made from reworking stuff that’s already there. That’s what every other content creator is doing,” he further stated that “I sometimes get inspiration from everyday things but for the most part, a lot of the content comes from what I see online.”

He stated about the links of his videos with other’s content as, “Those who say I plagiarize, they do it as well. It’s just that they’re not known on the level I am so they try to take me down and earn some publicity for themselves.” He asserted that there is no one who makes the original online content “If you can find me one desi comic who creates their own content, I will delete my page.”

He says that if someone put innovation to the plagiarizes work then it’s also creativity and he never accused other for stealing his content because for his it’s a childish act. He said that “In the end if it becomes a competition then what’s the point? It will mean that no one has the passion for making others laugh and people do it just to earn fame.”

Zaid recently started monetizing his content and through this, he is making money from his YouTube videos for almost six months. He told that “I would encourage others to do it. It can be done only when one has the passion for it. If that’s there, fame and money will all follow.”

He further explained that “I don’t consider myself a comedian but I think I can act.” Zaid further continued “In person I may not be as funny because the videos are scripted. A comedian is one who can do that [be funny] in real life as well,” he adds. 

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