Published On: Mon, Nov 2nd, 2015

There’s A lot to Archive, SAYS: Umair Jaswal.


Jaswal is  getting famous after his ‘Coke Studio’ hit song “SAMMI MERI WAAR” and this is the song which He have sung without his music band ‘QAYAAS’. Jaswal said I was very confused when I thought to start solo singing but after getting the start I actually get wondered after watching the outcomes.

Jaswal says, It was like incredible that when I sing my first solo song, people mobbed me and public get high, and the public also appreciates me as an individual singer as compared to singing with a Music Band called ‘QAYAAS’.

He told that he was a Former Vocalist in ‘QAYAAS’, and he thought a lot of times to sing as an individual but always get afraid from Failure and he also says that I have been fortunate well just to get a bigger name in music line.He shared that now he totally falls apart from ‘Qayaas’ and started a new journey which he have to complete like an a lone wolf on a silent street.

Talking in an interview, The Rockstar “Umair Jaswal” said that now he is going to give full album in a couple of months.

He said, I always get afraid just because the kind of my ‘Band’, because he thought the people like smooth and good feeling songs and his first song was with his band was ‘KHAYAAL’ and right after that He played in ‘Coke Studio-6′ with song name of ‘Charkha Halakha’.

Jaswal says, It took almost 10 years to become a strong and confident enough and my fortune also matters in it that I give a song to the Pakistan’s Musical Industry, Sammi more water.

Jaswal says that “SAMMI MERI WAAR” this song gives me like international fame and the reason behind all of this success is the Prayers of the Legendary “Madam Abida Parveen“.

He said that once in an event, She Blessed me with some Golden Prayers and my believe is this, that this international fame and the incredible love of public is the Result of her prayers.

The Rockstar and the Legendary also sing together in his next upcoming album and the speciality of that song is, Jaiswal wrote that song by himself and the another great thing of that song is ‘Abida Parveen’s Magical voice will be can hear in that song.

At the end of his interview, Jaswal says that now my dreams are becoming true and this is the time to get hard and harder work for himself and He also shared that “There’s a lot to Achieve in my life and this is the right time for those things which I have planned.

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