Published On: Wed, Aug 17th, 2016

This 77-year-old woman proves that marriage isn’t required for a complete life


This 77-year-old woman proves that marriage isn't required for a complete life

She terms her career choices as great experiences.

We live in a society where one’s life is only considered complete when the person adheres to the social norm and gets married. The importance to marriage is such that other people are more concerned about a person’s marriage than her/him.

Even as many in the present generation are breaking the convention and opting to remain single, they instantly come under scrutiny by the society to an extent that questions are raised about their character.

It’s hard to imagine someone remaining single in such a judgmental society, especially when they made the choice decades back, when societal pressures played a much larger part. But this woman’s story shared on the page Humans of Bombay will make you see single life differently.

The 77-year-old woman, who has lived a long and fulfilling life, spoke of her career choices like being a research scientist for a long time before working for a Pharma company and learning Russian when she felt a ‘little less challenged’. She termed her decisions as great experiences in life.

While families often insist on women getting married early, this woman has a very supportive family with 4 younger brothers who love spoiling her and even through a surprise party for her 75th birthday at a large hall.

She likes to keep herself occupied as she rushes to meet he niece to help her with a scrapbook on her brother’s 75th birthday.

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“I’ve had some great experiences in my life— I was a research scientist for a long time, I worked with a Pharma company and when I started feeling a little less challenged I started leaning the Russian Language. I’ve never married, but I grew up with the most loving family — 4 younger brothers who love spoiling me… ‘till today; even when I’m almost 77! In fact, on my 75th birthday, they threw a surprise party for me at this huge hall with lots of balloons and a big cake…and I think that has been my happiest memory, just being together with everyone I love so dearly.
Speaking of family, I must be on my way… I’m actually helping my niece put together a little scrap book for my brother’s 75th birthday so I have about a 1000 of our childhood photos to sift through and some major cutting and pasting to do!”

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