Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2016

This is how belly dance will make you fit!


Through its hip movements and powerful shimmies, belly dance works on your core muscles and encourages you to embrace your curves. I discovered belly dance sometime last year. Like most people, I’d resolved to hit the gym regularly at the beginning of the year but the shift from cheesecakes to salads seemed onerous. The very sight of a tread mill made me shudder and soon, I got comfortable with cooking up the most ridiculous excuses to shun workouts. Although I do not suffer from a negative body image, I yearned to love my body a bit more. And so, I gifted myself a belly dance class on my birthday and it turned out to be a life-altering move.

A pioneer of the dance form in India, Meher explains that she has witnessed a visible change over the last dec ade. “Earlier, I only had thin girls coming to me. But now, my school has over 7,000 women, of all ages, shapes and sizes.” As an aspiring belly dancer, I feel that belly dancing chal lenges the hideous concept of body shaming and teaches us to embrace our curves. Stick to it and over a period of time, you’ll see that the smile stays, the fat melts, the confidence soars and a Goddess is reborn.


Know your belly dance well

 – Belly dancing has more to it than weight loss. Apart from helping you burn 250 to 300 calories per hour, it also helps with better muscle control and improves memory.
 – Learn from your guru but let your personality speak through your moves.
 – Pay attention to your arm movements and do them in front of the mirror so that they don’t hang or look superficial.
 – It is alright if you don’t want to expose your belly. However, wear a hip scarf or a coin belt to accentuate your movements and tune your body to the rhythm.

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