Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

This Japanese granny cheerleaders group will leave you speechless


TOKYO: A group of Japanese grandmas are defying their age and physical limitations to form an energetic cheerleading squad.

Ranging from 55 to late 80s in age, this troupe of grannies have the highest spirits even as their bodies struggle to keep up.

Vivacious and bubbly, members of the Japan Pom Pom were all rounded by Fumie Takino – an 84 year old granny who was blown away by the colourful sprightly American practice of cheerleading the first time she saw it in Japan. Going through a difficult marriage, she found her calling in life and formed her group of hip-twerking, pom-pom shaking performer grannies, giving them all a purpose and a glamorous hobby.

Takino says, “My marriage was not going well. I put up with it until my children got married.”


Japan is renowned for its spritely pensioners: women live for an average of 87 years and men to 80.

But the average “healthy” lifespan is 10 years less for both sexes, meaning many suffer physical and mental ailments in the final decade of life.

Takino insists that her glamorous hobby has helped mitigate the effects of ageing — making her feel mentally and physically more agile.

Earlier this year, the team celebrated its 20th anniversary by performing as guests at Japan’s annual United Spirit Association (USA) Nationals competition, where mostly high school and university teams compete.

Courtesy: Samaa

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