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Tips to have great sex after having a baby


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There’s no need to kiss your once-happening sex life goodbye after becoming parents.

Pregnancy and the birth of a baby can take a toll on even the most fitness-conscious woman out there. Many couples are unsure about how to resume sex post the delivery. For women, it might be the fear of experiencing physical pain while men might be worried about hurting their partners.

Other factors like stress can also create issues in the sex life of new parents.
However, this does not mean in any way that you have to kiss your once-happening sex life goodbye after the baby. Sexual health expert Samantha Evans has some great tips for couples who want to bring back the zing in their sex life after having a baby, according to Healthista.

Talk it out

Women might have hang-ups about getting in bed with their partner because they are less than confident about their altered body. They might also be afraid of hurting themselves and falling pregnant. On the other hand, the sexual performance of some men could be affected after having witnessed their partner in labour. Sometimes, a traumatic birth can put a strain upon a couple’s relationship. Hence, it is more important that both of them openly communicate their concerns and also undergo counselling therapy to help ease the tension.

Don’t be in a hurry

Although not every couple has to wait for the six week check-up before resuming sex, it is advisable not to rush into things. Cuddling and longer foreplay helps in keeping you more relaxed and less wary of the actual act. This can also help women feel more comfortable in their post-pregnancy body.

Lubrication is important

Vaginal lubrication is affected by the reduced oestrogen levels during pregnancy which can result in discomfort during sex. Opting for lubricants that contain only natural substances helps in making sex more pleasurable and last longer.

Be careful about contraception

Women may experience a great deal of anxiety when having sex because of concerns about an unwanted pregnancy. It is important to note that women can conceive even if they haven’t had their first period since giving birth. Moreover, breastfeeding is not an alternative for contraception methods. It is strongly recommended that you consult your gynaecologist about taking a suitable form of contraception to keep your worries at bay.

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