Published On: Tue, Apr 19th, 2016

Toddler’s love for sweet can cause for weight gain


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Sometimes you feel that your toddler desire to have more desserts or sweet meals even when he or she is not hungry. Be careful, because a new research study has revealed that the kids who eat sweet, but not salty, later than having a full meal can be more dangerous in gaining weight.

Julie C. Lumeng, who is the researcher of the study and pediatrician at University of Michigan’s CS Mott Children’s Hospital in US, stated that “Eating in the absence of hunger is associated with being overweight among older children, but this is the first time we’ve seen this link in children as young as toddlerhood,”

The results of the research study illustrated that children from one and three years old who approached for cookies above chips when their bellies were filled had an elevated peril boost in body fat. Lumeng elaborated that “We found that toddlers’ eating sweet, but not salty, tasty foods after they already ate a filling meal puts children at a greater risk of weight gain,”

Moreover, toddlers who ate many desserts and who became distress when the meal was eliminated practiced regular boost in body fat by the period when they were three years old. Though, those who selected the salty foods did not illustrate any boost.

To conduct the research, which cited in the impending issue of journal Pediatrics, the researchers inquired 209 low-income mothers to have every child fast for single hour then eat a considerable lunch. Toddlers were then offered with a tray of sweet treats such as chocolate chip cookies and salty snacks for example potato chips.

They were permitted to eat more according to their desire. Lumeng stated that “The tendency to eat when you’re not hungry increases with age and could have lifelong implications for weight gain,”

The researchers recommended the requirement to discover means to deal this drive to eat prior to children even turn three.

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