Published On: Mon, Apr 11th, 2016

Top 10 Most Shocking Bollywood Celebrity Confessions



1. I Grew Up Watching B-Grade Porn Movies – Ranbir kapoor.


2. I paid bribe for my new house, accepts Vidya. She admitted that she paid a bribe for her new house in Khar, Mumbai. However she says that she would never do something like that ever again.


3. Don’t know how to make friends, admits SRK. On Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’, King Khan made a shocking confession, he said he fails miserably when it comes to making friends and keeping them.


4.“In fact, I sleep better on a flight in a pair that’s really worn in.”- Kareena Kapoor. Kareena kapoor confessed that she doesn’t wash her jeans regularly, sometimes for months! She wears the same pair every time. Especially while travelling she prefers to wear a pair of jeans worn before.


5. Stammering made my childhood hell, says Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik Roshan’s childhood was bitter, mainly because he was picked on because he had a vocal disorder. His batch mates made fun of him because he couldn’t pronounce words on time. He was so conscious about his speech that every time he said a word, he used to stress and blank out.



6. It’s best kept a secret, Govinda on extra-marital affair. In a shocking confession, Govinda admitted to having extra-marital affair but refused to divulge details about the same. “Somethings in life should not be spoken about publicly. Its best kept a secret,” he said.



7. I’ve faced sexual harassment, says Chitrangada Singh. “Since I spent most of my growing years in Delhi and Meerut, I have had my share of such experiences; a couple were really bad ones too,” says Chitrangada.



8. “I would love to capture Hrithik on a canvas”- Alia Bhatt. No, Alia isn’t a good painter or a very great artist but, Yes, she wishes to capture Hrithik Roshan on a canvas someday.



9. I met the man who abused me as a kid years later,” Anurag Kasyap says the perpetrator was full of guilt when they finally met. He could have hauled the personal responsible for his trauma to court but Anurag decided to let him scot free instead.


10. Anurag’s second ex-wife, Kalki Koechlin, was also sexually abused at a very young age. In her own words, I was sexually abused as a child.” After keeping quiet for a considerable amount of time, she finally decided to speak about it so that others like her get enough courage to do the same.



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