Published On: Tue, Dec 8th, 2015

Top Pakistani songs of 2015



Pakistani music industry is growing along with the film industry and 2015 was relatively an exciting year for Pakistani music.

A number of albums were released; renowned performances such as Noori, Call and Mizmar made return whereas Coke Studio concluded one more season. Imminent performances such as Khumariyaan, Malang Party also got traction and most significantly, the reveries of performances making a living out of their recorded music saw the light of the day with the appearance of online tributary display places, for example, Patari and Taazi.

Last 12 months were possibly the most eventful for the industry in retrospection.

Here is an array of top Pakistani songs of the year.

  1. Tajdar e Haram– Coke Studio

Whereas, it is much difficult to make an attempt to create a Qawwali version and contrast between the original and the duplicate because Qawwali based on the aesthetics. Coke Studio’s attempt to make a version of the qawwali is a candid effort at carrying to luminosity the talented musical insight that Atif Aslam is hell-bent on representing.

Whereas Atif got criticism over his relatively frivolous endeavor at the archetypal, Amjad wasn’t completely unenthusiastic. Sabri stated that “I really like how the music was arranged. Atif didn’t do badly. I wish he could have worked on his diction a little more,”

  1. Talabgaar– Moor

“There is one track that whenever I listen to I start crying. Although I have made the track myself, written it with Abba [Anwar Maqsood] and mixed it in the studio for almost a month, even now when I hear the song in the car I feel emotional. And that song is Talabgaar, “These were Bilal Maqsood’s words when he spoke about Talabgaar during Moor’s press launch.  And his self-praise is not an overstatement as Javed Bashir’s raw vocals mixed with a composition that gets more dynamic with time leave a lasting impact on the listener.


  1. Kadi Aao Ni– Coke Studio

It is the well-thought product from Coke Studio 8, Atif Aslam appears at tranquility with reliving his older self that concerned slight regarding susceptibility and signals for the reason that his passion compelled him to. And it is also Mai Dhai’s minimalism; Atif would not have been capable of avoiding the marketable facets in his works for the seven minutes.

  1. Makki Madni– Chand Taara Orchestra

People think that it is a naat or a qawwali, but it is much more than this. It is a paranormal of six minutes which keeps the listener enthralled and carries him on a ‘surreptitious journey’, as Sting would have set it. The forceful voice of Sherry and the straightforwardness of display and harmonize, mutually, echo on the commotion this soil has observed in recent times.

  1. Tamasha– Khumariyaan

Khumariyaan is a four-member band since four years which include Sparlay Rawail on lead guitars, Aamer Shafiq on beat guitars, Farhan Bogra on rubab, and Shiraz Khan on drumming.

Tamasha has the capacity to stay at number one on the list.


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