Published On: Tue, Mar 22nd, 2016

Tribute to the versatile music composer Nisar Bazmi on his 9th death anniversary today.



Nisar Bazmi had an illustrious career as a music composer not only in India but also in Pakistan. In Pakistan, he composed several popular songs for famous singers like Runa Laila, Ahmed Rushdi, Noor Jehan and Mehdi Hassan.

Bazmi did not have any musical training. A leading musician of Bombay, Khan Saheb Aman Ali Khan, saw his passion for music and proceeded to teach him music. Bazmi was extremely gifted and at age 13, he mastered the various ragas, the musical instruments and learnt the craft.

His foray in the world of music began when the All India Radio hired him as an artist. His major breakthrough was in 1944 when he got the opportunity to create some songs for a drama, Nadir Shah Durrani. The drama was broadcast from the Bombay Radio Station and all the songs became hits.

A new Indian film producer noticed Nisar Bazmi’s talent and invited him to compose music for his film ‘Jamna Par’. Since then, he has had a very successful career in India, composing music for nearly 40 films; 14 of which were released after he migrated to Pakistan in 1962.

The song “Chanda ka dil toot gaya hai rone lage hai sitare” from ‘Khoj’ (1953) soulfully rendered by Mohammed Rafi is one among his best compositions. When Nisar Bazmi didn’t have enough money to pay Rafi, Rafi charged a fee of one rupee and sang this song for him.

Nisar Bazmi passed away on March 22, 2007 in Karachi.

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