Published On: Fri, May 20th, 2016

Uber Driver Forced Passenger To Drive Himself! What Followed Is Shocking & Thought-Provoking


In a very strange and surprising incident, an Uber driver fell asleep when he was driving a passenger to Gurgaon from New Delhi and in such a situation, the passenger was left with no option other than driving himself.

A financial analyst by profession, Ishaan Gill made a booking of Uber cab through app on 15th May from Delhi’s Defence Colony at 12:36 AM. “The cab reached an hour late and the driver Ajay seemed dizzy. I asked him if he was OK and he nodded in positive. At Aurobindo Marg, I stopped texting and looked ahead on the road. To my amazement, the driver was about to hit a divider. As I looked towards him, he had completely dozed off,” he told HT.


He made the driver park the cab, gave water to drink and told that he was unable to book a new cab since Internet on his phone was low and the time was around 1:30 AM. “I showed my driving license to the driver and offered to drive. He agreed and I drove all the way to Gurgaon while the driver was completely gone on the passenger seat.”

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It was around 2 AM when Ishaan reached his society and made an attempt of awakening the driver so that he can pay him; however, it was useless. As per Ishaan, he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol but some other type of intoxicant. “He was completely off. I received a message of Rs 427 and dropped Rs 500 with the driver. I asked the security guard to take care of him,” added Gill.


Ishaan notified Uber of the same the next morning by emailing as well as filling the feedback form. Afterward, they called him and offered a 500-rupee reimbursement; however, he denied for it. But he did ask, ““I just wanted them to ensure background check of drivers. What if he hit the car?”

He took to Facebook and shared a video with a note, “Had a horrific experience with UBER last night. My driver fell asleep on the wheel because he took “pills” to keep him up longer. He had to be shaken up by me to prevent a crash from happening. I personally had to put him in the passenger seat and drive his car back by myself. Pathetic background checks obviously. Very disturbing.”

But it was not over here! Gill was blamed for illicit driving without commercial driving licence by an executive of Uber, while a company spokesperson denied commenting over the happening stating that the rider should’ve receive assistance and aid from customer care by contacting them.


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