Published On: Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016

UK teen rapes girlfriend, impregnates her; says he’s following rapist dad’s footsteps


UK teen rapes girlfriend, impregnates her; says he’s following rapist dad’s footsteps

Cosham, Portsmouth: A young distressed mother has revealed the horrific torture she had to go through after she was repeatedly raped by her ex-boyfriend who boasted that he was copying his rapist father.

Bethany Hazell, 21, said that she was terrified when her former boyfriend James Hunt said to her, “Dad did it so I have done it now.”

Hazell was just 15-years-old when Hunt raped her, leaving her pregnant.

Hunt’s father, Neil, was imprisoned for 12 years for raping a woman violently on a a street. Neil sprang from his car, brutally raped the woman and left her on the street naked before fleeing away, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Hunt who was 12 then, watched the trial of his father’s case on Television, following which Neil was convicted for his crime in July 2007.

Hazell, who has already separated from her ex-partner Hunt, is living with her three-year-old daughter Teagen Hope, the result of the rape.

She separated from Hunt soon after delivering their daughter fearing that he might sexually assault the little one too.

Commenting on Hunt’s actions, Bethany said, “It looks like he is proud that he is like his dad. It’s like he thinks it’s a cool thing. It just makes me feel so sick. It is disgusting.”

“We were arguing about something — I can’t remember what — and he went to punch me but at the last second he punched the wall directly beside my head,” recalled Hazell.

She also added that Hunt used to flirt with other women too. Once she came across a conversation between Hunt and another woman where he wrote, “Oh no, you won’t be interested in me because I’ve done a terrible thing.”

Hunt has been jailed for 8 years by Portsmouth Crown Court in October 2013 for raping Hazell and another woman. He was arrested after boasting about his crime to a friend.

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