Published On: Sat, Jun 11th, 2016

Urdu e-reading Kitaab on your smartphone


urdu e reading kitab

The Amazon Kindle is mostly attributed for modernizing the reading practice for the new generation of bookworms. After the launch of the famous e-reader, many for example applications and devices have popped up. Aspiring to take advantage of on this drift, a group of Pakistani mobile application developers have released the initial Urdu e-reading application, Kitaab.

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As is the matter with this kind of platforms, the company at the back of the application, Ideal Ideaz, has guaranteed that the entire content on Kitaab is lawful and has just been uploaded pursuing the writer and publisher’s approval.

Whereas Kitaab is still in its developing phases, the developers are in the procedure of increasing its digital library. More versions of the application can involve the choice to permit writers to sell their books on the platform. Sequentially to guard their content from online piracy, the developers are at present functioning on a Digital Rights Management system.

The common idea is that there are little Urdu readers online somewhat that will make it gradually trickier for Kitaab to maintain in due course. Arslan Zaidi, CEO of Ideal Ideaz, in an interview, explained that opposing to the eminent idea, this was not the case. He said that “It may appear that Urdu has a very niche audience … but the numbers say otherwise,”

He elaborated that “In Pakistan and India if you take all the factors into account, there are close to 12 million Urdu readers,” he continued “That is a lot and we haven’t included countries such as Australia, England and the US where there are bound to be more readers.”

Presenting the instance of Urdu blogs that post scanned copies of works of literary giants, he guaranteed that there was absolutely latent in this application to be successful sooner or later. Zaidi said that “Those websites, despite uploading below-par copies of the works of the likes of Saadat Hasan Manto and Ghalib, still manage to attract close to 100,000 views on a monthly basis,” he continued by saying that “This proves that there is definitely a healthy number of Urdu readers out there.”

He further added “Hopefully, once we launch a subscription version of our application or when we introduce paid books, we do intend on paying the authors,” he revealed “Right now it is too early for us to pay anyone as we haven’t got any ads and we are still trying to create a buzz for Kitaab,”

Kitaab has previously cited writers from countries for example India, Australia, United Kingdom, US and France.


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