Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

US band desires to perform first in Bataclan



American rock band from Palm Desert, Eagles of Death Metal, desires to be the initial band to perform at the Bataclan theatre, designed in 1864, France, after the Paris attacks in November when the Paris venue reopens after the big blast.

California rockers were inquired and band’s vocalist Jesse Hughes stated in an interview that he has not wished to live his life in an effort to mollify idiots. “I want to live my life smiling with my buddies and entertaining them,” he further added that “I cannot wait to arrive back to Paris. I cannot wait to perform. I desire to come back. I desire to be the initial band to play in the Bataclan when it opens up,” he stated. “I was there when it went silent for a minute. Our friends went there and died. I’m going to go back there and live.”

It was the deadliest day, 13 November, when gunmen assaulted on their targets crossways Paris and killed 130 people, 89 were there at the Bataclan. The rock band was in Los Angeles and giving an interview after coming back to the US subsequent to the massacre. The rockers made detailed immediate verdict save their lives after the attacks and the terror they watched as the gunmen unfilled round after round arbitrarily on the mass.

The rock band was owed to play and perform throughout Europe till December 10, but they stopped all the further performances after the attack. The rock band is now requested by a lot of French fans to come back to perform. The member of rock band, Josh Homme, who is also a co-founder, said, “We don’t actually have an opportunity. We have to conclude the visit,” he further said, “We have a song called ‘I Love You All The Time’. If you’re a state performer, if you’re a death metal musician, if you’re a DJ, it doesn’t matter. Cover that song and we’ll donate the publishing”.


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