Published On: Sun, Oct 9th, 2016

Video: Angry student’s shocking attack on teacher who pulled out his earphones


The entire class rushed to protect their teacher as the teen abused and hit the old man.

Russia: Lack of attention from students in class can surely be frustrating for a teacher and everyone has their own ways of disciplining the class and making sure that everyone is focused on the topic being discussed.

A similar attempt was made by a teacher in Russia, who was unhappy about a student sitting in class with his earphones plugged in. The teacher first asked him to remove them but after being ignored, went on and removed them himself.

But the class and the teacher were in for a shock as the angry teen attacked the veteran delivering blows, while the rest of the class rushed to defend their old teacher. The boy also abused the teacher before pouncing on him, while the other students punished the teen for the attack.

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