Published On: Fri, Jul 15th, 2016

Video: Cheeky orangutan grabs tourist’s ………., as she poses for photo


Everyday hundreds of tourists holidaying in Bangkok visit Safari World. This place is one of the most popular sightseeing spot and one gets to meet animals in their natural habitat and even click picture with them.

However, one female tourist was left shocked recently when an orangutan grabbed both her breasts while she was posing for pictures.

(Photo: Reddit) (Photo: Reddit)

The video was uploaded on Reddit, where one can see the woman sitting on a bench and preparing to click a photo with the two cheeky orangutans.

The two apes perfectly pose for the photograph and another one places his hand on her breast.

(Photo: Reddit) (Photo: Reddit)

The ape remains in the same position as they click a picture and the woman was amused at the friendliness of the orangutans and laughed at the situation.

In the clip she was being directed by the staff to put her arms up and the apes wrap their arm around her waist. Later the ape grasps both her breasts and grins widely for the camera.

(Photo: Reddit) (Photo: Reddit)

The Safari World park is famous among tourist for their animal experiences and many even visit the part to attend the marine attractions, white tiger shows and tropical birds.

This video has gone viral since the time it surfaced on the Internet and everyone is talking about it.

(Photo: Reddit) (Photo: Reddit)

Some found the clip amusing while other thought that the apes were being used for entertainment purpose.

‘Wild and free… but sadly not,’ one person even wrote on social media user wrote.

Click here to watch the video:

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