Published On: Wed, Aug 3rd, 2016

Video: Cobra throws up six eggs after swallowing seven


A video recently has gone viral on social media, where a king cobra can be seen throwing up six eggs after swallowing seven.

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The incident occurred in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district.

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The snake starts with the first egg and then takes time to pull the others up into its mouth.

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And just when you think that the snake can hold up all those eggs in his stomach- the king cobra couldn’t hold it back anymore.

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This kind of snake species is found in forests of Southeast Asia and are said to be the most venomous snakes. The venom in a sting of this snake can kill 20 people. They are up to 18ft in length and can raise themselves upto ¾ of their body to attack someone.

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These snakes that are found in the rain forests of India, mostly feed on other snakes and also eat eggs, lizards and other small mammals.

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Studies also reveal that king cobras often eat their own eggs in order to recover from the lost energy lost during reproduction.

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This video has gone viral on various social media sites and is gaining popularity.

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Click here to watch the video:

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