Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

Video games have connection with ADHD, depression

Exhausted gamer.

Exhausted gamer.

Innovative technologies are very famous among youngster especially video games. These are the way of amusement for them with which they get pleasure and relaxation and a new research study also has revealed that addiction to video games in juvenile people, single men can work as a flee mechanism for underlying psychiatric disorders for example ADHD and depression.

Cecilie Schou Andreassen, from the University of Bergen in Norway, stated that “Video game addiction is more prevalent among younger men, and among those not being in a current relationship, than others,” Schou Andreassen conducted the research study with over 20,000 participants who gave answers to the questions associated with video game addiction.

The research study revealed that video game addiction seems to be connected with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder and despair. Schou Andreassen further added by stating that “Excessively engaging in gaming may function as an escape mechanism for — or coping with — underlying psychiatric disorders in an attempt to alleviate unpleasant feelings and to calm restless bodies,”

The researchers further added that the research study illustrates a few lucid trends as to which people grow addictive utilization of social media. Schou Andreassen continued by saying that “The study implies that younger men with some of these characteristics could be targeted regarding preventing development of an unhealthy gaming pattern,”

The research study further revealed that addiction connected to video games and computer activities display sex differences. Schou Andreassen further told that “Men seem generally more likely to become addicted to online gaming, gambling and cyber-pornography, while women to social media texting and online shopping,”

The research study was cited in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

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