Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2016

Video: Girl sneezes 8000 times a day, doctors remain perplexed about the condition


Video: Girl sneezes 8000 times a day, doctors remain perplexed about the condition

Sneezing has made life miserable for a nine-year old girl, who sneezes 8000 times a day. 

Ira Saxena’s sneezing began about three weeks ago and she now emits around 10 involuntary episodes per minute. She is a resident of Colchester, England and has been kept at home since her condition started.

Ira’s mother Priya Saxena says that the doctors are amazed by the mysterious condition and have ruled out the most common causes of sneezing such as cold or allergies.

The only time Ira stops is when she is asleep. However, the fits restart the moment she wakes up. She has been unable to go to school since the sneezing started.

Despite taking her daughter to a GP, specialist and a private clinic, no one so far has been able to diagnose the problem or stop it in any way.

“Three weeks ago, she just woke up sneezing and she has not stopped. It started slowly and has progressed to become more constant and violent. The doctors are saying it is possibly an incorrect signal being sent from her brain or a tic, but nobody can be sure”, Saxena told the DailyMail. 

According to the report, Ira is not allergic to anything and is given antihistamines, nasal spray and steroids on regular basis but is not responding to anything.

“No one has seen anything like this before and they are all giving her different things, but nothing is working. The only time Ira’s sneezing fits ceased was when she had an hour of hypnotherapy. She did not sneeze at all during the session, but as soon as it finished, the fits restarted”, says Priya Saxena.

Ira’s mother has now made a homeopathy appointment.

“The one blessing is she sleeps fine. It is the only time when she is not sneezing and she can sleep right through the night”, said Priya Saxena.

It is very frustrating for her mother to see her child suffering but the school has been very supportive. Ira once tried going to school but could last just one morning before she had to return back home.

She says that the condition is affecting her more than her daughter and that she wants her child get rid of this condition.

In 2009, Lauren Johnson, 12, of Virginia, started to sneeze thousands of times a day and was eventually diagnosed by an immunologist who said her immune system had stopped functioning properly by a throat infection.

Last year Katelyn Thornley of Texas started sneezing bouts but the doctors are still perplexed about her condition.

A helpline email id has been opened so that anyone who believe they can help treat or diagnose Ira’s condition can sent a mail to:

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