Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2016

Video: Man loses front teeth during rotating corn challenge


The rotating corn challenge in China has made a man lose his front teeth. The challenge involves sticking corn on the cob on a rotating drill and then eating it.  

In the footage, before attempting to eat the corn, the man addresses the crowd with full enthusiasm and looks excited about doing so. Later the man is seen attempting the challenge only to realise that his teeth are ripped off a few seconds later.

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The man cries out and is seen left distraught and confused after finding his two missing front teeth.

The video footage has gone viral with many social media users on Weibo, China’s popular social media site, commenting on the event and criticizing the competition labelling it as dangerous and completely unsafe.

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The risky manoeuvre was made popular by a vlogger dubbed, Eater Yang, whose initial attempt of eating a cob of rapidly rotating corn in less than ten seconds was viewed millions of times across the globe.

In the video, Eater Yang is shown slowly pulling the cob across his teeth and as he does so, bits of corn go flying in every direction. Within seconds one can see that the cob has been completely stripped of the small yellow kernels.

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In May, footage emerged online of a woman taking the challenge and things ended badly for her.

She got a lock of hair caught in the drill and then managed to pull out a large chunk of her hair. She was left with an embarrassing bald patch on her head.

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