Published On: Mon, Aug 1st, 2016

Video: These bhangra-dancing ‘grannies’ in UK take social media by storm


Video These bhangra-dancing ‘grannies’ in UK take social media by storm

You won’t believe your eyes when you watch these three grandmas dancing.

Imagine three old women walking down the street wearing floral skirts, headscarves and cardigans, suddenly breaking out into a dance routine that is not only a treat for the audience, but can also give youngsters a run for their money.

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This is exactly what three Birmingham grannies have been doing on the streets of West Midlands, UK.

In a video first posted by a user named Arslaan Mahmood, the women can be seen moving to Bhangra tunes like any other Punjabi, who loves the dance form. The video has since gone viral on the social media, as millions across the globe have been sharing the experience.

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But these women, who have been spotted performing to Flo Rida’s ‘Low’ and Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ among other tracks, are not exactly grannies, and are actually aged between 43 to 51. Sue Hawkins, Jackie Fellows and Debi Nicholls work for a local theatre company, and are said to have been together for almost 14 years.

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The trio have risen to fame after their videos were shared on the social media by spectators, and have been called for various TV shows. Hawkins told theDailyMail that, “We have had a huge response from people in India who loved the bhangra dancing and from people in Japan who enjoyed our version of Gangnam.”

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