Published On: Thu, Oct 20th, 2016

Video: This 2-year-old wonder kid has mind blowing knowledge


She can name the capital city of every country in the world and learns 20 new words a day.

Hyderabad: What were most of us doing as two-year-olds? Reciting nursery rhymes? Or being elated at remembering alphabets? While all those little achievements back then were special, a wonder kid in Hyderabad is way ahead of everyone her age.

The two-year-old girl named Rimhas from Hyderabad has left everyone startled by effortlessly mentioning capital cities of every country in the world and also pointing out what oxide is found in the human eye and at what speed the earth rotates.

The information mentioned above is just a glimpse of her encyclopedic knowledge, and she is already learning 20 new words in a day, a year before going to school.

Her mother is also a teacher and hasn’t seen any child like her daughter in a long career.

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