Published On: Thu, Aug 11th, 2016

Video: This woman surfing inches away from an erupting volcano will startle you



Video This woman surfing inches away from an erupting volcano will startle you (2)

A majority of people are always busy in getting through their day to day life, only to get ready for the same routine the following day. But there are few who break out of this regular drill, and do something extraordinary.

In a video that can send chills down anyone’s spine, adventure enthusiast Alison Teal puts acts like swimming with sharks to shame, as she is seen surfing right next to a lava-spewing volcano.

Teal, who became the first woman to achieve this thrilling feat, has been described as the female Indiana Jones. She was shot on her pink surfboard, just inches away from an erupting Kilauea Volcano.

She shared her experience on Facebook in a post which read, Kilauea volcano eruption is flowing into the sea. Since I was a 3 year old naked wahine dancing hula on the lava rocks in front of my home, I always felt a connection with the earth, or the Aina as Hawaiians call it. One of my biggest dreams was to paddle my pink surfboard in a volcanic area to feel a true connection to earth being formed. Today my dream came true. With the guidance, support, and prayer of the elders, and following cultural protocol, I paddled within feet of hot lava rivers pouring into the ocean. It was humbling and breathtaking. The rawness, the heat, the crackling & hissing sounds, the reality check that we live on a planet that is alive. Many people think that we have control over the earth and I assure you we are pretty small in the greater scheme of things. What I learned through this experience is that life is short, fragile, and not worth stressing about. Everything is always in a constant state of flux – especially our molten core. Nothing is permanent, nothing is owned, nothing is for certain. We are but a tiny, wild planet in a huge universe and as humans we have been put on this earth to pour lava onto everyone and erupt our greatness onto the world so that it flows into the lives of others and forms solid families, friends, religions, politicians, and hardens into peaceful long lasting structures for our futures generations to build on. I saw the Goddes of the lava Pele in many manifestations – her face in the molten flow and her voice in my head. She reminded me that as women on this earth we have a duty to inspire, to flow with grace, and to live as the wild child that first reached it’s legs to the earth. Thus I post this not as a photo to get views or praise or critique, but to share one of the most powerful moments of my life magically caught on camera by photographer Perrin James Franta – grateful to the support team for this life changing experience. I lava you all🌋
IMPORTANT: I do not recommend doing this nor encourage it EVER, the water is boiling, the fumes are lethal and the ocean conditions are beyond treacherous. ‪#‎lava‬ ‪#‎volcano‬ ‪#‎alisonsadventures‬

She also warned people saying, “The water is boiling, the fumes are lethal and the ocean conditions are beyond treacherous.”

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