Published On: Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

Video: Woman actually faints after being overwhelmed by marriage proposal


German Benitez from Mexico had no idea his girlfriend would react this way.

Mexico: Getting a surprise from a loved one is always a great thing and it can even be overwhelming when the surprise is actually a marriage proposal. But as unexpected as it might be, some people take reactions to marriage proposals on a different level.

When German Benitez from Mexico popped the question to his girlfriend, her response was something no one saw coming. The shock and disbelief was so much that the model named Reyna Renteria lost consciousness.

While women do describe their feelings after marriage proposals as a feeling of “almost fainting”, Reyna actually fainted and lay there for several minutes, as she later shared the entire incident on her Facebook page, as the video as over four million views.

She wrote, “I’m excited, unbelieving, shocked but happy and safe.”

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Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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