Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

Viral video shows dangers of Child Abuse & Social Media


I usually do not post or write about any viral video which is blowing up on Youtube, but this video caught my eye and really displayed a true and dark message about child/teen abuse regarding predators reaching out to them through social media and how EASY it is to get lured in.

This video featuring a Youtuber named Coby Persin conducting a social experiment (Oh, yes these are really popular nowadays on Youtube) by posing as a fake young boy and talking to girls in their mid or early teens (one of them as 12!) and asking them to meet up with him. I am not going to give you the end twist, you’ll just have to watch the video and find out, but I have to give it Mr.Persin for what an amazing way to bring a serious topic into reality for us.

With all these child abuse cases popping up all over the world and the new scandal which appeared and is happening now in Kasur, Pakistan. It has become too much to bear.

Please watch this video and get educated for your children and family and friends


As of now, this video is up to 12 million views on Youtube which is remarkably high!

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