Published On: Tue, May 17th, 2016

Walking barefoot can increase memory

Walking on the beach

Walking on the beach

Want to enhance memory? A new research study has revealed that running barefoot directs to good cognitive performance.

‘Working memory, our aptitude to recall and develop information is employed all through our lifespan. By elevating it, we can be capable to realize gets in main parts, from school to work to retirement’, researchers added.

Tracy Alloway from the University of North Florida (UNF) in the US stated that “Working memory is increasingly recognized as a crucial cognitive skill, and these findings are great news for people looking for a fun way to boost their working memory”,

The researchers recruited 72 contributors amid the ages of 18 and 44, who ran both barefoot and wore shoes at a contented, self-selected speed for almost 16 minutes. Working memory was evaluated prior to and later than running. The findings of this research discovered an important boost – almost 16 percent – in working memory performance in the barefoot-running state.

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There was no important boost in working memory when running with shoes. Moreover, the velocity and heart rate of the contributors was evaluated but neither was discovered to have any influence on working memory performance.

Ross Alloway, who is the lead researcher of the study from UNF, stated that “The little things often have the greatest impact. This research shows us that we can realize our cognitive potential and enjoy ourselves at the same time,”

He further added that “If we take off our shoes and go for a run, we can finish smarter than when we started,”

When running barefoot, a person generally has to shun walking on potentially insensitive items by employing precise foot placement.

Consequently, study contributors were needed to walk on flat objects to motivate running barefoot in an outdoors context. While contributors walked on the flat objects with shoes and barefoot, just the barefoot state witness improvements in working memory.

The researchers stated, it is probable that the barefoot state needed a much rigorous use of working memory as of the further tactile and proprioceptive requirements linked with barefoot running, which can report for the working memory gains.

The research study was cited in the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills.

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