Published On: Tue, Mar 15th, 2016

Watch: 6-year-old with rare blood disorder performs like a rockstar



Meet Audrey Nethery, a 6-year-old who has become an Internet sensation and people love her. She is from Louisville, Kentucky and has a liking for music.

She suffers from rare blood disorder, Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA).

According to Genetic Home Referance, Diamond-Blackfan anemia is a disorder of the bone marrow. The major function of bone marrow is to produce new blood cells. InDBA , the bone marrow malfunctions and fails to make enough red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the body’s tissues. The resulting shortage of red blood cells (anemia) usually becomes apparent during the first year of life. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue, weakness, and an abnormally pale appearance

She has already undergone 20 blood transfusions, and her growth is notably slower than that of other kids because of the steroids she has to take.

She came in limelight after her Zumba video went viral.

Since then her parent have been posting her videos of her doing various things on a Facebook page named ‘Audrey’s DBA Photo Booth’ and over 962,500 people have liked this page.

This video of hers has gone viral, where she is singing like a rockstar on One Direction’s ‘What makes you beautiful’.

The post on Facebook reads:

Audrey has the day off from school and wanted to show everyone her new karaoke machine!! The great people at The Singing Machine Inc were inspired by Audrey’s videos and sent her a brand new top of line karaoke machine!!! Thank you so much Singing Machine!!!

This video has got over 3.8 million views, 94k likes and over 64,000 shares.

No doubt that Audrey is a star and you will definetly love her performance.

Click here to watch the video:

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