Published On: Thu, Jun 2nd, 2016

What to eat and avoid: A list for PM Nawaz


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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has undergone open heart surgery in London on Tuesday and with a lot of prayers, the operation went successfully. Now he will be required to modify his lifestyle to get proper health and it includes exercising regularly and taking less stress and all above he should maintain a healthy diet.

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As we all know about the prime minister’s love for food but now he has to avoid some of his favorite dishes.

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For his good health, we have assembled a list of foods that he must include in his diet, just for the reason that we want him to get better soon.

But first of all these fives habits, he should let go.

Massive feasts                 

Prime minister must have to reduce on his lavish feasts that inclined to widen over a ten-foot table. The report from the University Of Southern California (USC) states that heart patients must minimize portion size of food, and must keep away from over-eating.



This maybe his favorite dish, but now after open heart surgery, it is dangerous for you, at least for the time being. A report from USC states that foods which are elevated in fat and cholesterol should be shunned.

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The prime minister will have to cut back on sugar and sweets later than his surgery. Thus, it is advised to refrain from celebrating his recovery with barfi and gulab jaaman.

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Prime Minister will have a requirement to uphold a low salt and sodium diet because these can be a reason for an additional fluid to increase in your veins and arteries, reports from USC states.

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Chicken Makhni

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This calorific graceful dish is elevated in cholesterol and fat, and the prime minister must not even think about it. The reports from USC states that those who have big amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats are at bigger peril of their blood vessels thickening.


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After the reduction of nihari and biryani which is full of red meat, the PM must alternate these dishes with salmon. Perhaps try Biryani of the Seas, but it’s not a good idea.


There is good news for Mian Sahab though. The report from USC states that later than an open heart surgery, patients ought to eat healthy sources of carbohydrates for example pasta and potatoes.



Foods that contain fiber must also be included into his diet, report from USC states. Carrots and broccoli are good for him.


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The prime minister is in London so he can eat England’s favorite meal, beans on toast. A report states that beans are a good source of fiber, and also assist heal cuts.


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Citrus fruits for example oranges and grapefruit are good for healing cuts.

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Mr. Prime Minister we all wish you the best of health and a fast recovery.

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