Published On: Sat, Jun 27th, 2015

Which Sports is Best for Weight Loss ?



People play sports everywhere around the world, but everyone has different goals. Some play for perfection, some for fun and entertainment and others play to find some physical activity to get fitness and reduce some weight, everyone has their own priorities to play sports. Some of us like indoor games and some of us like outdoor games, but their are only number of people who know that which sport will help them lose weight faster.

Handball: According to a Harvard Medical School research if you weigh 150 pound you can lose 435 calories in 30 minutes while playing handball, its a game played on small court you can also play it one-on-one. Actually in this game you supply the power to your arm to shoot the ball, a similar sport like Racket games but in that we hit the ball from rackets and in that a 150 pound person will lose 365 calories after half-hour.


Swimming: Swimming is one of the best water sports to lose weight rapidly, after 30 minutes of swimming a 150 pound person can burn 399 calories. You can burn 360 calories in half-hour if you are racing or 298 calories while doing a backstroke, an alternative game for swimming is Water Polo which helps you burn 355 calories in 30 minutes.

Team Games: Team games provide great fun and entertainment which individual games don’t provide, if your are playing football you can burn more calories rather playing other team games. Racing-1But one important thing is that your position while playing football also depends on the number of calories you burn, on average a 150 pound person you can lose 315 calories in half-hour. And if your are playing hockey, basketball, soccer or volleyball you can burn 275 calories in 30 minutes.

Sprinting: All around the world everyone knows that sprinting is a good physical activity to lose weight in no time, the simple formula for sprinting to burn calories is that the longer and faster you run the more quickly you will lose the calories. If you sprint for 6 minutes you can lose 20.5 calories per minute, marathon runners who weigh 150 pounds can burn 450 calories after 30 minutes.

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