Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

Why Britain Prince George mostly wear shorts



The three-year-old Prince George is the best in dressing and style. The little prince is for all the time witnessed donning a customary British collection of shorts and knee-length socks.

George’s shorts are acclaimed by the public but a lot of may not be aware of the cause at the back of his signature gaze. William Hanson, who is an etiquette expert, states the gaze arrives from an aristocratic tradition. Hanson explained that “The reason is predominantly to do with social class because everything in British society is to do with social class,”

Hanson further continued that the cause for donning shorts has “historical roots” and was a “custom we can trace back to the 16th century”. Hanson continued by adding that “If you look back at old paintings of children from aristocratic paintings, you see little boys aged two and under dressed as girls, wearing gowns and dresses,” he elaborated “In the 17th and 18th centuries, boys of age three or four were put in breeches, which are basically shorts,”

It explains the initial moment a juvenile boy sport in breeches instead of a gown or outfit. Hanson elaborated “From the late 18th century, it just became the thing to put young boys in shorts,” Hanson added “Trousers were something to be worn by men, and little boys would be put in shorts,”

Prince William and Prince Harry, likewise wore shorts until there were around eight, serve as instances of this majestic custom pursued in Britain. Hanson stated that the custom is still being upheld by the imperial family and numerous further members of the British upper class.

Hanson told that “It has a bit to do with the snob factor. A number of mothers desire their little boys to costume similar to little boys instead of like men,”

Donning juvenile boys in trousers is something of a “suburban practice”, Hanson elaborated. Hanson ended that “The royal family is not suburban. That doesn’t mean it’s ‘common; it’s just a different set of values,”


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